Lost Forest Junior Tennis Program


At the Lost Forest Junior Tennis Program, our mission is to get serious or get lost. Developing a path of excellence happens on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, so they will be taught how to become better thinkers and more effective competitors through an intense system of repetition. We will emphasize stroke production through the numerous on-court repetition techniques. We will advance through many mental toughness dynamics that are inherent in the natural repetition process to gain mental toughness, learn match-play skills, and take their game to a new level!

*Besides the mental toughness training practice sessions will also include stretching, weight training, and agility training for on-court movement and balance.

NOTE: Training and class placement for all juniors is according to age and skill level.

Training includes:

*Hand eye coordination drills w/o rackets

*Obstacle courses and jump roping for agility and strength training.

*Utilizing the ball machine for repetition workouts

*Hitting drills with 2-3 players on each court for live ball action.

*Rapid-fire feeding techniques to develop strength.

*Consistency drills to improve concentration and build confidence.

*Learning match play strategies by doing fun drills, point play, and ladder board matches with supportive critique.

*Weekend tournament analysis from coaches;  At Lost Forest Tennis Club, the first junior tennis program in Texas using PlaySight Smart Court technology where video on court analysis is available for private/group lessons.

All of these repetition methods are designed to enhance the sensory system and create great technical skills from the inside out. We want to fortify the players internal skills, not burden them down with a plethora of technical commands. Tennis is all about timing, balance, and ball judgment!! These foundational mechanics are crucial to developing great strokes….not according to textbook technique, but according to their own style, form, and personality.

Wouldn’t you like your child to improve their consistency, power, and the ability to direct their tennis shots – even under immense pressure? With the right training your child can get to the next level. They can transform into a totally different player…and not just in the physical game. I’m also talking about changing how they think! Their mental game is just as vital as their strokes. If they get hung up on every failure, if they can’t recover from their mistakes, their entire game suffers. Along with the systematic repetition training on strokes we will also work on building mental toughness.

Be prepared to hit massive amount of repetition in creative ways. The more balls you hit, the more you will play relaxed, automatic and instinctive tennis.

Call us soon and set your child up for the weekly sessions. Spots are available to reserve, with many options to choose from.

See you on the court!!

Todd Whitley, Director of Tennis at Lost Forest Tennis Club


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MUNCHKINS (10 & Under - 4 to 7 years)

For these kiddos a strong emphasis is placed on hand-eye coordination, w/ fun games, and drills to introduce them to the game of tennis. We will also introduce the younger players to the USTA 10&Under developmental program where we utilize the smaller Red ball courts, Orange ball courts, smaller nets and low compression balls.

1X week: $70/$110 mo. - 2X week: $115/$155 mo. Beginner ($Member/ $Non-Member)

Daily Drop-In Rate


All classes based on a 4 week session

Tues & Thurs 4:00pm - 5:00pm

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MINORS / MAJORS (12 & Under - 7 to 12 years)

This group is designed for the older kids with more experience in match play and lessons. These players are intent on entering USTA tournaments and are likely playing for their school team. Kids in this class will be encouraged to play JTT. Orange and Green dot balls with the standard sized courts will be utilized in this class as well We will emphasize stroke production and mechanics using repetition techniques necessary for developing the feel for the strokes and to deepen the foundational skills even further.

1Xweek: $120/$160 mo. - 2Xweek: $155/$195 mo. Intermediate ($Member/ $Non-Member)

Daily Drop-In Rate


All classes based on a 4 week session

Tues & Thurs 5:00pm - 6:30pm

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CHALLENGERS - (11 - 17yrs)

For these players the goal is to take the next big step forward. Whether that next level is Middle/High school or college team, Champ or Super champ, they must be taught how to become better thinkers and more effective competitors through an intense system of repetition. Hitting with pros and other players, they will train for pressure play while practicing numerous mental toughness techniques for enhanced performance during matches.

2Xweek: $160/$200 mo. 3Xweek: $190/$230 mo. Advanced ($Member/ $Non-Member)

Daily Drop-In Rate


All classes based on a 4 week session

Mon & Wed 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Friday 4:00pm - 5:30pm

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Saturday Match-Prep (All ages/All levels)

This class is 2.5 hours of non stop rigorous action to develop the players endurance for match play. Drills and games plus footwork, serve & return drills, then supervised practice matches.

$90 mo. member / $130 mo. non-member

All classes based on a 4 week session

1:00 - 3:30pm

High-Impact Advance (Elite)

A program for the elite player striving for a higher level game, better state/national ranking and college scholarships. It consists of heavy systematic repetition techniques and cardio/footwork drills followed by singles and doubles point play.

Pricing: Call for more details

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (Match-Day)
Invitation Only

JTT (Junior Team Tennis)

A local area seasonal league through the USTA for all level of players looking to prepare and gain experience for tournament play. Spots are available for your right team at Lost Forest. Come join now and become at Lost Forest Fighting Eagle!

Pricing: Call for more details

Seasonal Fall & Spring

Our Best Price for Junior Club Membership

$65 per month

BRONZE- Junior/Senior Membership Fee

$89 per month

SILVER- Individual Membership Fee

$119 per month

GOLD- Couple/Family Membership Fee

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