What is PlaySight smart court?

Lost Forest Tennis Academy, the first Tennis Academy in Texas using PlaySight SmartCourt technology

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What is PlaySight smart court?

PlaySight smart court gives real-time and after-action review with complete debriefing solutions, auto stats, bio-mechanical analysis and 3D tactical game management. Your activity and motion during the entire match/training are automatically recorded, analyzed and uploaded into the PlaySight.com where you can review your performance and share it with your coach, friends and family. PlaySight is the ultimate coaching tool to substantially improve tennis players’ achievements as well as the ability of the coaches to track and analyze their progress.

What are the features of a PlaySight smart court?

•Choose your workout– Choose from a variety of workouts – serve, strokes group practice or challenge your friend to a full sets match.

•Serve speed and distance covered – Live Serve speed calling and Player’s mileage measured throughout the match or training session.

•Line calling – Play like the pros with an automatic built in line calling system. Challenge your opponent by replaying the last point just like you see on television.

•Efficient and focused events – driven analysis – PlaySight automatically classifies and tags all the events that took place during the session, including every stroke, every move and game structure and patterns. Breaking the session into events enables immediate feedback with no prior preparation. Player and coach can easily go through the events and debrief only the events of interest in a time saving, efficient and focused manner.

•Instant video with auto tagging – Get an instant analyzed and auto tagged video recording of your game from different angles – no need for manual video recording. Watch, replay, edit and share videos during or after the workout. Skip to select key events – no need to watch the whole video. Analyze and improve your stroke.

•Tactical 3d game management – learn and understand your game patterns and tactics. PlaySight’s 3D game management system will improve game management and decision making. Analyze “big points”, analyze net approaches, and learn to anticipate your opponent next move and much more.

•Pro level statistics – Get automatic pro level stats available until now only for professional tennis players. Track and compare your Accumulated stats on playsight.com, to improve your game.

•PlaySight moments – Get an automatic edited short clip with highlights from your match or practice. Watch and share it with your friends and family.

PlaySight.com the social network for athletes – All data and video from your matches and your workouts and all your stats are uploaded automatically to PlaySight social network for athletes. Connect to playsight.com anytime from anywhere to track your performances on line.

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